We begin by meeting at your home to gather information about your family, site, and budget. We refine preliminary ideas into a comprehensive design that is predicated on a realistic budget. This design is then articulated in two dimensional plans and three dimensional images. Fusing your vision with our creativity, the development of your swimming pool environment begins to take shape.

Once again we will meet at your home to present our concept and discuss in depth the pros and cons of your design. At the end of the meeting we will understand the revisions needed to satisfy all your design requirements.After revisions, a final meeting to approve the design and discuss next steps in the process will then take place at your home.


Traditionally, clients desiring to build a swimming pool contact three to five local swimming pool companies. Given the extremely competitive nature of the pool companies in South Florida, this is a daunting task and it can be time consuming to weigh differences in design, personalities of salespeople, quality of work, reputation, years in business, and of course price. Marc Evan Swimming Pool Design can streamline the process by providing prospective construction companies with our detailed plans so you receive comprehensive estimates in a straightforward manner.


The best projects result from harmonious collaboration between client, designer, and contractors. Throughout construction we are available for consultation with all your contractors including swimming pool, fencing, landscaping, outdoor kitchen, pergola and pavilion.